To establish Christian park settings across America to promote recreation, community, and evangelism.


This proposal is intended to increase church engagement and evangelism through the establishment of a Christian-based park or park-like setting.

The sponsoring Church [Church] will identify an area of their property (30 square yards or more) for the park, making it suitable to the degree they deem appropriate. Once materials arrive, the church will be responsible for sign placement and installation.

Romans Road Parks [RRP] will provide all signage and installation hardware for the project at no charge to the Church. 4″x4″ Wood posts when needed, would be provided by the Church from a local big-box home improvement store.

Cost: The cost of site preparation (if any) and labor associated with installation will be borne by the Church. RRP will provide, and deliver all signage free of any charge to the Church. RRP will provide logistical support for sourcing picnic tables, trash receptacles, and other items typically found in a park-like setting. RRP receives outside donor funding for its work through a foundation at National Christian Foundation so all materials and services are provided free of charge.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Romans Road Parks of America offering to establish parks in partnership with churches?

Our Vision Statement is: “To establish Christian parks and park-like settings across America to promote recreation, community, and evangelism.” Parks bring people together, in God’s creation. They also offer a place of solitude and reflection. Most importantly, they are a quiet place to display signs that offer a pathway toward eternity with Jesus in Heaven. 

In addition, there seems to be a growing concern by Pastors that we are heading toward End-Times’ prophesy fulfillment. This country needs God’s Word wherever it can still be offered and churches are a central point of evangelism. When and if the Rapture takes place, there will be a vacuum of Christian guidance in the world. Scripture verses, and the Sinners’ Prayer, displayed on these signs, somewhat hidden in small church parks across America, will take on increased significance and eternal value.

How is Romans Road Parks of America funded?

We have two funding sources. First, a primary donor family who loves the Lord and the outdoors sees RRP as a ministry of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in a relaxed and private setting. Second, RRP website ( offers an opportunity to share in our vision, through donations.

The overall cost of materials for each park can include the main ground sign ($900 paid by RRP) and should include the two secondary signs ($150). Again, all are provided free of charge to participating churches. The secondary signs can be ordered online without any direct interaction with RRP. The lead time to complete an order is currently 3-4 weeks. For secondary signs, RRP will notify the Church upon shipment by email, providing a tracking number. Those churches wising to include a main ground sign in their order will be contacted by RRP in order to coordinate site selection and delivery.

What is the process from start to finish?

Many churches have been blessed with a physical location that is larger than what they need for the church and its outbuildings. Often the land goes unused as an open field or wooded area. Our desire at RRP is to put a portion of that land to use, for community recreation and evangelism. Every location is different and so every RRP Church park will be different. Often the establishment of the park or a park-like setting is as simple as installing signs and placing a picnic table and trash receptacle in an existing grassy area on the church property. In other cases, the church may choose to provide direct access to their parking lot, establish a walking path, or plant some ground cover or trees to demark the park. In most cases, the existing church parking lot can be utilized and few, if any, changes need to be made.

Can the signs be customized?

In order to ensure a consistent message, it is our desire that the evangelistic copy remain as displayed below. However, the specific Bible translation can be at the church’s discretion. The default translation is ESV. Further, note that the bottom of the second evangelistic sign will be customized for each church, displaying a unique church name, contact email, and church or Pastor telephone number. Please provide this information in the field provided when ordering.

How difficult is the installation process?

Very easy. All hardware is included and the signs are pre-drilled. Simple and detailed instructions are also included in the package. Signs to be mounted on posts will require the Church to purchase 4″x4″ posts from a local big-box home improvement store.

How will the Church decide where to place the park and signs?

The decision on where to place the park is up to the church, in compliance with any town ordinances. The secondary two signs should be able to be easily seen from the parking lot and any picnic table. It is desirable that the park, and in particular the main ground sign (if requested), be visible from the road in order to draw the community into the park. It is the lost who need a Savior and it would be our desire to expose as many as possible to the Plan of Salvation, the Sinner’s Prayer, and your church contact information for in-depth evangelism and spiritual growth.

Does the park have to be on the same site as the Church?

No. RRP would be happy to help establish a park or park-like setting on any property visible, preferably visible from a public road.

Is there any ongoing commitment from the Church or RRP?

An active park will need some attention. The Church staff/volunteers would need to periodically empty the trash receptacle(s) if available and generally monitor the park area for cleanliness. In the event of damage or aging of signage, RRP will offer replacements free of charge. 

Who owns the signage provided by RRP?

Ownership automatically passes from RRP to the Church at the point the signs are delivered. We would ask that the Church allow access to the park for visitors, but the Church is in full control of its own policies.

How big does the park have to be?

A reasonable starting point would be 30×30 yards, preferably with road visibility, especially if the main ground sign was requested. Of course, it could also be much larger, based on what the Church wishes to include for recreation. Finally, shade trees, room for family activities (throwing a frisbee, etc.), and some form of demarcation between the church grounds and the park (ex. small plantings or railroad ties) are helpful, but not necessary. 

What other things could be put in the park besides picnic tables?

There are many things that can be included in the park based on the needs and desires of the Church. They can include a children’s play area and equipment, walking trails, benches, a dog park, etc. In order to maximize the number of parks RRP can offer, we would be helpful in providing resources for these additions and coordinating delivery and installation, but the cost for these additions would need to be borne by the Church. 

What is the first step in considering a Romans Road Park at my church?

The first step would be to place an online order. If only secondary signs are requested, RRP will respond with an acknowledgment of the order and, when product has been set for shipment, the Church will receive an email with a tracking number. If a main ground sign is also requested, RRP will make contact with the Church to briefly discuss site selection and shipment logistics.

What if I have more questions?

Please either use the “Contact Us” link on our website, send an email directly to, or call me at 919-608-0975. We look forward to partnering with you, adding another opportunity to share the love of Christ while, “Resting in God’s Creation”. 


Main Ground Sign 2’x6′ – Sandblasted, Single-Sided w/gold leaf copy

Secondary Sign #1 – 24”x 18” Post or Wall Mounted

Secondary Sign #2 – 11”x 17” Post or Wall Mounted

Note that the bottom half of this sign will be customized for each Church.

Picnic Table

Trash Receptacle